Beta Agreement

You agree to be bound to the following terms and conditions as specified by Simple Machines:

  • You will be granted access to patches and other code provided by the team. This access is non-transferable and is not to be used by any unauthorized user. For the purpose of this agreement, the patches shall be referred to as "Dev packages".
  • You will be granted access to private beta tester boards. The information contained within these resources is, by nature, private, and shall not be publicly released without the prior consent of the team.
  • Dev packages are to be used only for testing purposes. These packages are provided "as is" and have no guarantee to their stability nor functionality. The dev packages may not be redistributed under any circumstances.
  • Information pertaining to unreleased versions, including but not limited to code, feature lists, changelogs, and information pertaining to unannounced features contained within the latest versions of SMF is private and may not be distributed without prior consent of the team. In addition, dev packages may contain unreleased and/or unannounced tools. These tools may not be redistributed and are not to be mentioned publicly without prior team approval.
  • Failure to meet any or all of these requirements may result in termination of your privileges in the beta tester program.
  • The latest version of this agreement that you agreed to shall remain in effect for a period of two years after you leave the Beta Tester program.