xx Not proper Redirect from http to https

October 15, 2018, 01:33:15 AM by Soham
I have purchased SSL. But my website is still redirected to HTTP. Please help.
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solved Go Daddy broke an 8 y/o 1.1.16 website & can't fix it - I have to

October 08, 2018, 10:52:31 AM by The Magyver
SMF version: 1.1.16
Link: saintstailgate.com/forum/index.php
...you won't see anything but a line of code; it's been there for 30 days. It's supposedly related to the code they inserted to bring the website down for my DB being a few hundred MB's over my 1 gig limit. The database is down to 42 megs but they cannot or will not fix it; that's about it.

Back to the issue at hand:
The thing is, I'll need a full copy of 1.1.16 in order to fix it by loading it into an unused domain, and then move my databases into it - at least that's the plan.

The problem is I can't find a download anywhere on this site, am I overlooking it?
Am I perhaps overlooking something else relevant?
I'm no "script kiddy", so all insight is appreciated.

I'll be 69 in 7 days guys - I need your help please. This was my 1st website, and I've got 8 years of love 7 hard work in it. It's a football forum, tonight is the Saints Week 5 game, and the site's been down all season.

You have my thanks in advance - Magyver
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solved Working on php7 except for SSI.php

October 04, 2018, 01:37:12 PM by mark7144
I'm running 1.1.x on php7 using this awesome patch by @vbgamer45

Only issue is SSI.php uses set_magic_quotes_runtime which is depreciated. Is there a way to fix this?

Disclaimer: I know it's terrible I haven't upgraded but this is an old community website that has served its best days already. It uses a highly customised theme and news/ssi features.
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xx Help Preventing Spam

September 27, 2018, 09:08:47 AM by ponsukeen
I am using SMF and the custom Avare Mu theme.  Every day, I am getting constant spam from bots.  I looked at installing an anti-spam modification, but simple installs are only for the default theme.   Therefore, it seems that I need to do manual coding.  A few questions:

1.  Does the manual coding apply to all custom themes, or do different themes require different coding?
2.  Is there a recommended security modification that others are having success with in preventing spam in their forum?
3.  Has anyone successfully installed an anti-bot mod to the Avare Mu theme?

Thank you for your help
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xx I have an old version of SMF and upgrades aren't working.

September 23, 2018, 09:34:59 PM by delahoc
I had a forum using v1.0.16. When it recently died (PHP deprecation issue) I tried to upgrade to v1.0.17 with a view to continuing to upgrade until I got a working version. Bad idea. Even the upgrade to v1.0.17 is dead, so now I'm stuck with a mixture of files and no working forum.

Is there a way to skip multiple versions? That is, is there a converter to take an old version of SMF and update it to one of the shiny new versions?

I'm desperate. If I can't find a solution I'm just going to either shut the whole thing down or start again from scratch (meaning everything so far is lost).
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solved question mark appearing instead of commas and apostraphe

September 21, 2018, 04:26:23 AM by chelseaphil
About a week ago I noticed that commas, $ sign, %, and apostrophes were being replaced with a ? mark. It is on all browsers. Anyone any idea how to fix it? Thanks Using 1.1.21
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xx I hope I am posting in the right topic

September 18, 2018, 10:19:35 PM by vincitydaimo
I hope I am posting in the right topic. I manage an education website. They are presently using a forum that does not support jaws, a screenreader for the blind. Now they are expecting a group of blind students soon and are looking for another forum. So my question is if simple machines supports the jaws screen reader.
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