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How to increase website traffic?

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Wow, there are so many things you can do to increase traffic to your site, but start small and then slowly increase the amount of techniques you are using.  As many people have mentioned already, content is king.  Make sure you are constantly updating your content daily.  Second, promote your site in your social media sites, email signatures, word of mouth and anywhere else you can think of.  Then, make sure you are including inter-links from one page or post to another within your site.  This is very important to the spiders so that they see how easy it is to navigate your site.  If it's easy for us humans, then it's easy for the spiders and all is well.  Keep it simple and I hope this helped.


--- Quote from: acruz on May 04, 2011, 04:58:06 AM ---Many site owners do SEO works for their website to increase website traffic.
But the important thing is you should have a quality content. The relevancy of your content is important and the right use of your keywords. Link building is also effective. You have to use quality backlinks. Some SEO internet marketer use forum link building, but you have to be careful so that forum will not think you're a spammer.

--- End quote ---

Hi! I'm not stealing the moment to bequitta thomas but I'm also suffering from the same problem. Is there any other option aside from having quality content? I mean any strategy you can suggest. Thanks.

not really.  Content is king - anything else is just peanuts and has no particularly grand impact.

If you happen to be an admin of a 100.000 fan Facebook Page with a lot of activity, just promote there the best forum content on a regular basis and you'll see your traffic skyrocketing.

As far as I know, sites that gives what people need has more traffic. In other words, write for your readers & not Google  :)
Well I'm not an expert in Seo, maybe someone can correct me if I'm wrong


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