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Add a feature for posting YouTube videos Using The Embed

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I can't believe this doesn't work, you know it is 2012, we can handle videos in forums now.

I enabled Basic HTML in the admin panel, but it doesn't work. I am using the default theme and I am unimpressed by not simply being able to post a video code and having something miraculous like the video showing up rather than garbled embed code.

Is their some mystery for embedding videos or do I have to find another forum to install for my users?

This petty little issue is really sucking it up for me.

Thanks for any help !

Nevermind, I can't believe I had to install crap for such a simple feature, was that really necessary?

That is what has kept SMF lean and fast. If we added every persons little rant to SMF it would be bloated and then we'd have to call it something else.

All it takes is about 3 clicks to get what you want. I didn't think that was so hard.

Matthew K.:
SMF is light-weight by itself, and in my opinion, even a little bit too bloated in 2.0x.

It's a lot better, for MANY reasons to keep the base software at minimum features, and allow plugins to do the rest.

Any chance of getting the ability to write custom BBC Codes ourselves ala but updated and built in to SMF 2.0.X? This would simplify 90% of the embed needs I would think as we could add ourselves, special codes. Many other uses as well.


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