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Mark Read is broken here

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Then move it to 2.x Support so it can be marked solved, it is after all a support matter for the 2.x branch, is it not?


--- Quote from: ѕησω on May 28, 2012, 08:01:06 PM ---Can't mark topics solved in Site Comments :P
--- End quote ---

I was being silly, as usual.

Silly K@ xD

But yeah move away someone.

Well, as it was about here, specifically, I guess it could stay here.

We could change the title to something like "ѕησω needs to open his eyes and read things lol", though, if you want. ;)

We could do with a few giggles, around here...

Sounds like a guy I work with. Needs caffeine and piratical jokes to get through the day.

Do whatever you place, K@one :D


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