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Please note, these converters are not official converters provided by the SimpleMachines Team. Please use them at your own risk.
Hello all:

I have Invisionfree & ProBoards converters which are (basically) ready to be released. However, as both IF and PB do not offer database backups for free (IF does for a fee), I do not know if it is _legal_ to post such a converter (it is a crawler-type, similar to that used on ezBoards a long time ago).

*EDIT: Converters are posted in the next post.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns/etc. with regards to these converters, don't hesitate to post them in this topic, e-mail me (my email is in my signature) or PM me.

*EDIT [Feb 18 2008]: Added Yuku converter.
*EDIT [April 22 2008]: removed Yuku and Proboards converters, per request.

Current converters:

* ActiveBoards
* ChatArea
* Forumer (IPB)
* Forumotion (through phpBB3)
* Invisionfree
* phpBB2 (crawler, to phpBB2)
* phpBB3 (crawler, to phpBB3)
* SuddenLaunch
* Yuku
* ZetaBoardsAs nobody has raised any concerns about the release of these converters, I will publish them. You need to be logged in to download the file.

Both require Python with the basic library -- the Python 2.7 installation from (Windows users click Windows Installer under Quick Links on the left) will suffice. I chose not to write them in PHP as the time requirements can vary widely from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the size of the board (unlike most converters, this one must download each page and parse it, instead of simply converting a preexisting SQL file).

This converter should be run on your own computer and not your host, unless your internet connection is very slow AND your host doesn't mind a potentially demanding and/or long-running script on the server.

Follow the directions in the accompanying Instructions.txt for each converter. In the future, I may make these more general (and thus require less work on the part of the user), but that is not a short-term goal.

If an error occurs, it will usually be logged in convert_error.log, which you should attach in case the conversion fails for any reason. More serious errors will be logged to critical_error.log.

Note that the script is periodically re-uploaded due to changes and updates, so the download count will not be correct. As of time of writing, it has been downloaded over 720 times.

*EDIT: Updated instructions in attached converters.
*EDIT2: Updated instructions again; added view counts to Proboards (due to the way the IF converter works, it may not be possible to add view counts easily)
*EDIT3: Added sticky and lock detection to Proboards.
*EDIT4 [Sept 17 2007]: Increased protection from bad characters. This should prevent members and posts from randomly vanishing.
*EDIT5 [Sept 19 2007]: Added delay to Proboards PM script to facilitate PM sending by non-admin users. Default delay 17 seconds; if you are an admin (i.e. username = admin) set the wait time to 0.
*EDIT6 [Jan 19 2008]: Added ActiveBoards converter and some minor updates to the others.
*EDIT7 [Jan 22 2008]: Fixed bug where "\" characters could potentially cause queries to fail.
*EDIT8 [Jan 27 2008]: Instructions changed to use "javascript:document.cookie" instead of a prompt, to accommodate Internet Explorer 7. Fixed to produce sensible error on accidental execution. Changed some defaults in to be more sensible (applies only to default SMF setups)
*EDIT9 [Jan 27 2008]: Added a sensible error message if the settings file is not correct.
*EDIT10 [Jan 27 2008]: Fixed a bug which occurred with invisible users on Proboards.
*EDIT11 [Jan 30 2008]: Fixed a bug for Proboards which caused times to be improperly parsed, fixed a bug for proboards which cause topics viewed more than 1000 times to be omitted and improved the default password security (it is still not highly secure, so PLEASE urge users to change their passwords immediately!)
*EDIT12 [Feb 2 2008]: Fixed a bug in the Proboards converter which caused announcement topics to have repeated posts.
*EDIT13 [Feb 18 2008]: Code cleanup; moved a bunch of common routines to "", added Yuku converter, tiny bug fixes for things I've forgotten, etc. :P . The old versions are still attached for history.
*EDIT14 [Feb 24 2008]: Removed Yuku converter by request; added board crawler to Proboards converter (no more messing with BOARDS!); fixed a few minor bugs; bumped Proboards version to 0.2.
*EDIT15 [Feb 24 2008]: Minor fixes for Proboards; script compatibility with Linux/Mac OS X/Cygwin; updated multi-page detection in Proboards. Version bumped to 0.2.1.
*EDIT16 [Feb 24 2008]: Fixed missing field in Multiple updates to handle "new" Proboards boards. Version bumped to 0.2.2. Thanks to jasonp for finding all these things.
*EDIT17 [Mar 30 2008]: Fixed a bug with members conversion in ActiveBoards, bumped version to 0.1.2. Thanks go to Nicki for finding and reporting it.
*EDIT18 [Mar 31 2008]: Set the file to use UNIX format line-endings: this should fix execution problems for non-Windows users.
*EDIT19 [Apr 2 2008]: Added robust handling of certain broken tags (thanks fmp777 for reporting it)
*EDIT20 [Apr 15 2008]: Added support for Proboards "v4.5".
*EDIT21 [Apr 16 2008]: Fixed bug in caused by last update; thanks to Blakey for reporting it
*EDIT22 [Apr 22 2008]: Removed ProBoards converter per their request.
*EDIT23 [Jul 19 2008]: Added several converters and updated all of them.
*EDIT24 [Dec 08 2008]: Updated all converters, added several
*EDIT25 [Mar 18 2009]: Updated all converters.
*EDIT26 [Mar 27 2009]: Updated all converters.
*EDIT27 [Apr 24 2009]: Forumotion (fixed member conversion) and Zetaboards (fixed attachments and PM sending) updated.
*EDIT28 [Aug 30 2009]: Updated all converters.
*EDIT29 [Sep 3 2009]: Improve conversion of old topics on Zetaboards.
*EDIT30 [Sep 20 2009]: Update Forumotion converter.
*EDIT31 [Feb 2 2010]: Update Forumotion converter.
*EDIT32 [Feb 15 2010]: Update Yuku converter.
*EDIT33 [Mar 3 2010]: Update all converters.
*EDIT33 [Mar 19 2010]: Update all converters, and add Forumer phpBB2 converter.
*EDIT34 [Mar 25 2010]: Update all converters, and add Forumer phpBB3 converter.
*EDIT35 [Jun 15 2010]: Update all converters.
*EDIT36 [Sept 20 2010]: Update all converters.
*EDIT37 [Oct 12 2010]: Update all converters. Added a timeout to alleviate problems with slow or unstable connections.
*EDIT38 [Dec 16 2010]: Update all converters. Added support for content compression, which drastically speeds up conversion (by up to five fold in my testing) and reduces the load on both the network and the server.
*EDIT39 [Jan 22 2011]: Update all converters.
*EDIT40 [May 14 2011]: Update all converters, merge phpBB2 converters into a generic phpBB2 converter, remove iPBfree converter.
*EDIT41 [Jun 07 2011]: Removed Proboards converter again (thanks tjd100 for pointing this out)

If you don't see an attachment below, then you will need to login or register with the SMF community forums to download the converter.

Flying Drupalist:
Thank you, you are god.

Mega Mario Deluxe:
Looks interesting. Good work, however! :)

I should note that the documentation is a bit out of date. Please read the comments in for more up-to-date information about specific settings

I will try to update the docs if I get the time.


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