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Installed a mod? Broke your forum? No backup? This might help.

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Truth be told I've become a little too comfortable with the ease of working with smf packages, things usually work so awesomely that it never occurred to me that I should backup before I try X. Despite the numerous warnings everywhere  :o

* K@ burns his sig into the subconchuss bits of ArrayInteractive's (What a silly name!) psyche...

better is removing all the files and copy it new no ? cuz then you will keep the stucky files there . when you just copy and override it

* K@ doesn't understand that last post...
If you're saying that overwriting all the files with new ones would work, you're right. Problem is, it'll also destroy all of your other mods, too.

Not a good idea, at all. ;)

What if uploading the backup files wont help?  ???


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