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HowTo activate team badges

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It has been awhile since I did this but I think you would have to edit the Display.template.php file.

Thanks Bigguy, that seemed to do the trick  :D  I just removed this bit:

--- Code: ---// Show the member's primary group (like 'Administrator') if they have one.
if (!empty($message['member']['group']))
echo '
<li class="membergroup">', $message['member']['group'], '</li>';

--- End code ---

Yup that was the part I meant, good job. ;)

O.k., so some slight necro here but this thread speaks exactly to the issue I have.  I want to add a team badge to a group while also retaining stars for post count membership.  I am really not competent to mess with the code. Any ideas?

There is a mod I think that shows multiple badges for members. Have you checked the mod site. ??


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