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when i enable pretty URL my edit board cannot open-is blank, but when i disable it, it work, what can i do to correct it so that edit board in admin can work with pretty URL enable

my edit board not uploading when i edit pretty URL which is working perfectly. how can i fis this


--- Quote from: Sono on March 21, 2012, 03:50:51 AM ---I would have some further question about proper management of my forum in Google Webmasters:

1. In my forum when I go to the list in a members profile, where their posts are listed, and click the title of a post, I am redirected to the URL of the topic the post was sent into, and automatically scrolled to the message post that I clicked on in the profile list. But at this point this can be seen at the end of the URL: /msg18/#msg18 . So practically Google indexes a topic page with the pure URL and with this ending added, but these two have the same content actually. I would like to block Google to index these /msg18/#msg18 endings. How can I do that? The problem is the number after 'msg' changes depending on what the number of the post is that you want to check.

2. There is a subdirectory in the forum: /recent/ for recent posts. Is it adviseable to block Google index its content? Basically the content is the same as of the posts, it is just the compilation of every new post. I fear it can result in duplicate content penalty if I let google index this subdirectory. How can I have it blocked?

3. I had these parameters by Google recognised and listed in the URL parameters section of the Google Webmaster Tools:


I had blocked these by selecting Google not no index the URLs along with these parameters. Is it okay? I have Pretty URL running, the topics and forums have static URLs, so I didn't see the use of these parameters. Or maybe some of these are significant for indexing?

--- End quote ---

Just create a new parameters like 'msg'. Google will not index any url with msg....


--- Quote from: InfoStrides on March 14, 2012, 12:33:17 PM ---I have problem with URL in the Sitemap.

I received alerts on my Google Webmaster as follows:

--- Quote ---Invalid URL

This is not a valid URL. Please correct it and resubmit.

URL: /nigeria-news/
Parent tag: url
Tag: loc

--- End quote ---

When I checked my sitemap, the errors were confirmed. See it here:

Also in the screenshot attached....

What should I do?

--- End quote ---

I am still helpless here... Any help?

Now, I confirmed there is problem somewhere.... The same error occur in RSS feed when I switch on pretty-URLS.

The domain name ( is removed from the URL and only return (/african-news/kenya-tanzania-issue-tsunami-warnings/msg91048/#msg91048)


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