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necrit: I agree, and I think I have already meant to propose or already proposed something along these lines... I will make sure it gets to the teamies responsible with it, in any case. :)

ETA: ah, except the teamie in question is Oldies which already has it now on his unread replies. :)
Anyway, one more vote from me, if I may, for a possibility to filter on "since".

I do not think we will get a "since" line in before the final release of 2.0.

We are looking at some documentation automation and revising the "notes" in the source files which will make this easier in the future, but currently, stuff like "since" would all have to be handled manually, and there are more important things to be done before that.

Awesome. Thanks for your effort

Is there a function for inserting data (topics, etc) into a forum. I need such a function, since I want to create a forum from an existing data wich resides in a database.


did you even BOTHER to check out the function database?

look for post


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