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Please Note this has been converted into a similar mod:
Mod: View Single Category
Original Post as follows
Hi all,

first of all I'd like to thank the developers for their fantastic work, this is really a superb forum software :)

My question: is there a way to display only one category of a forum, and I don't mean the others collapsed or sp, but really only that category and its subforums?

How to do it:
Check reply#8 or a better one in reply#14

Through permission you can disable viewing some boards for guests or member groups .. if that what you meant!

Hmmm, no, that's not what I meant. Sorry if I have to draw the comparison: IPB looks like this when clicking on a category:
All you see is that very section of the forum and the forums in there, nothing else... See what I mean?

To make it a bit clearer using this very forum (  :) ):

I'd like f.e. to be able to view the Section 'SMF Development' on its own, without seeing the other sections.
The link gives me that section on top, but I still see all the others...

Oh dear, did I step on someone's foot or is it just not possible?


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