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Adk Blog (A blog system for each user)

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suggestion: show the number of blog posts/entries outside of blog, in topics and replies...

like: Blog (#)

Sorry, can you be a bit more specific? Then I'll be able to probably do the edits to you :)

In the main menu? Should it be everywhere except for the blog?

no, in the forums, like a topic or reply (in the mini profile)


Posts: 300
Gender: **female image**
Blog: 1 (and this will be clickable)

OK I have this installed and getting the:

An Error Has Occurred!
This Module is not active

Then if I go to my profile and hit the blog link there it takes me to the EZportal Home page.

How can I tweak this to work?



If the blog is ACTUALLY activated, it doesn't actually take you to the EZPortal homepage....    the blog is displayed UNDER the homepage portal blocks...

did you even bother to read back one page of this post?
and I have also mentioned this in the EZPortal support thread.....


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