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Adk Blog (A blog system for each user)

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Hi guy,

I've just installed it, on a test forum, fortunately.


Not installed on the core theme

It only appears in English and I need it in Spanish. How to change it?

Any hint please, thank you.

Alberte Zato


--- Quote from: Yoshi2889 on April 29, 2012, 06:57:33 PM ---Can one of you attach said file in your next post, please?

Maybe the ADK team is missing a check, dunno.

--- End quote ---

Here it is..
As tsis_k said, tones of errors every day on lines 61 and 63 and I just can't figure what's causing them  :-\

Thank you in advance :)

I am still having an issue getting this working properly with the EZportal system.  I really don't know what I am to do to make this mod work?


bug vbgamer... the problem is on the portal side

I would like to install this MOD, but SMF 2.0.2 report an error in ./index.php

Analyzing the problem I see is not found:

--- Code: ---if (empty($board) && empty($topic))
--- End code ---

because the TinyPortal MOD modify it like this:

--- Code: ---elseif (empty($board) && empty($topic) && $settings['TPortal_front_type']=='boardindex')
--- End code ---

Any suggestions for have both MOD working together ?


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