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Well, I know it's been discussed many times before - but - I saw that in SMF 2 there's an option, in the permissions system, where I create a Permissions Profile to use, I can disallow specific membergroups from doing things, like posting, or attaching files.

I think that in the Permission Profiles, there should be an option to "Disable links" or "Hide content" - which means:

"Disable links" - When a user posts a message inside a forum with a permission profile that has this permission enabled, then specific membergroups won't be able to see links, and will see a notice like: "Sorry, but you can't see this link, unless you have the right permission."

"Hide content" - Just like Disable links, but for the whole message.

I think that this will be easier for you guys to implement.

most forums dont use such features, so i think they would stay as mods.


--- Quote from: Illori on November 25, 2011, 07:18:18 AM ---most forums dont use such features, so i think they would stay as mods.

--- End quote ---
I understand this and maybe not for this feature, depends what the devs think but is the point not meant to be to be as functional as possible and not a case of other forums don't do it so there's no need for SMF to!?

I think there should be some sort of permission for the permissions system to maybe not stop users posting links but to disable them the same way the hxxp mod works.

i mean i dont see many requests for smf to have this and most forums that do are warez or similar and we dont want to promote that type of site.

Actually, I would go a step further and say that this request is actually counterproductive....

As a matter of course...   If I get to a forum site that does that crap, I leave the site and never come back.

either the content is available for me to read as a guest, and I register because I want to participate in the discussion (which is the key to active, actual forums) or the admin is trying to artificially boost his membership stats by forcing people to register to read the content....   in which case, he's likely to have 10,000 users registered and only 5 or so active users (which is a failed forum, IMO)


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