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SMF 2.0.2 and 1.1.16 critical security patches released

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This seems like a really stupid question but if I am on SMF 2.0.2 does the SMF 2.0.2 Update update my security or does it update my forum version to SMF 2.0.2. Which would obviously not work since I am already using SMF 2.0.2.

Basically, I have, all of a sudden received 130 posts in Polish about Viagra. So I thought I'd check out if there were any security updates available and low and behold there is,........'SMF 2.0.2 and 1.1.16 critical security patches released'. On uploading and installing it I get an error message stating it is not compatible with the forum version I am running, 'SMF 2.0.2'

Am I being stupid, and if so any ideas how to deal with my apparent security breach, can I block an IP address for posting, or are there any other patches I can install.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

the 2.0.2 update is used to update and 2.0.1 forum to 2.0.2. If you are running 2.0.2 then you are at the current security revision.

That ebing said, spam is not usually a security issue, but rather a configuration issue...   you need to configure your registration and/or posting settings to avoid spam. There are dozens of threads discussing what settings and/or mods to add for this.

Thanks for the update notification.

My admin section has been rendered useless since you took over my site and any link I click to up date just takes me back to this useless board.

Why do you force us to update and then not have a link to the updated files?

Answered in your other thread.

Please don't double post... Plus, we do not do what you are suggesting


Update went fine!


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