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The New Online Manual has gone "Gold"

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Well done :)

Wait, it wasn't final before? Silly me! Well, nice to see it's Gold now, should help a lot of people out. Why does it show your user name instead of display name in the sidebar, though?

Well done and great work to those who put time into this. :)

Angelina Belle:
Liam -- having your username shown in the side bar is a feature of the SMF/mediawiki bridge we use.

This bridge allows the wiki to do its logins through SMF, and use SMF's cookies to maintain login sessions.
But mediawiki does not support the use of a display name separate from the username. So one or the other had to be chosen.
Since the SMF display name is free to be changed by the user, the username seems to me like a logical choice.

But I did not write the bridge.

The bridge seems to work well enough. But I am certain it could be tweaked and improved.  If you are interested in experimenting, you are welcome to get a copy of the bridge and work on it.  Please read more SMF MediaWiki integration released.

With the new wiki the old internal help (action=help) has been wiped out. Not a problem for english speaking users, but all german wiki pages still show the dummy text:

--- Quote ---Diese Seite enthält momentan noch keinen Text. Du kannst diesen Titel auf den anderen Seiten suchen oder in den zugehörigen Logbüchern suchen.
--- End quote ---
Already said it elsewehere, IMHO it was a big step backwards at least for germans..


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