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Hello Friends,

My forum site is very slow and always has a connection problem with the database. I asked the host about the problem and based on their diagnosis, below is the problem:

The below query is also a similar one which causes performance issues.[/size]----CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE smf_topics_posted_in ( id_topic mediumint(8) unsigned NOT NULL default '0', id_board smallint(5) unsigned NOT NULL default '0', id_last_msg int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0', id_msg int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0', PRIMARY KEY (id_topic) ) SELECT t.id_topic, t.id_board, t.id_last_msg, IFNULL(lmr.id_msg, 0) AS id_msg FROM smf_messages AS m INNER JOIN smf_topics AS t ON (t.id_topic = m.id_topic) LEFT JOIN smf_log_mark_read AS lmr ON (lmr.id_board = t.id_board AND lmr.id_member = 3639) WHERE m.id_member = 3639 GROUP BY m.id_topic ORDER BY null ----As you can see data from the tables has to go through filesort due to lack of appropriate indexes. I would suggest to either re-write the query listed above so it won't force MySQL to use file based sorting to return the data requested or disable this part of the site to see how things will run.

Will you please explain to me how I can fix this? What is this problem all about?

Thank you.

Yeah, let me guess... you host with someone like HostGator, GoDaddy, DreamHost, etc.?

If that's the case:
It's the host. Not SMF. Overseller hostings can NOT cope with any site properly, not to mention sites that require mySQL or any type of performance at all.

Get a real host instead of a faker to solve the problem :)

No, coreisp. im hosted with a reputable vps company. i can send u the name of my host via pm if u want. I just can't figure out this problem.

You are one of the first I've encountered that has the problem on a VPS, although it depends on what you did with the configuration. :) Did you optimize mySQL?

What are the specs of your VPS?

Mentioning the company wont be necesarry, though I would scan quickly on the web to check if they are not known to oversell resources... Even VPS providers do that sometimes. *sigh*

Attach your Sources/Recent.php there is known issue with large forums with temp tables that are slower.


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