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im trying to create a new folder, to upload some fonts,  on a wordpress blog using filezilla and this is what i get:
CWD /wp-content/plugins
250 CWD successful. "/wp-content/plugins" is current directory.
MKD cufon-fonts
550 Can't create directory. Permission denied
MKD /wp-content/plugins/cufon-fonts
550 Can't create directory. Permission denied

the same thing happens when im uploading a theme..
any help would be great! thank you!


Is the "plugins" directory read/write-enabled?

Could be THAT simple. ;)

With Filezilla, make sure "Transfer type" is set to "binary" NOT "auto", which is the default.

thanks for the welcome!
Yes its read enabled.
the transfer type was auto, changed that to binary but still the same..
any other solution??

The only thing that I can think of, is that you don't have full ownership of the files on your site, as described here:

The only way that you can change that, is to have word with your host.

Whilst you're at it, to save any future problems, ask them to disable mod_security, too.

More about that, here:

or maybe the op has a windows server? that can cause strange issues with creating new files/folders.


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