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I finished installing the SMF forum version 1.1.16 on a brand new openSUSE 12.1 server. But, it doesn't work. I want version 1.1.16 and i want it installed on openSUSE 12.1  If anyone can get it working, I will PayPal you $150. (EDIT: changed reward from $100 to $150)

This is what i did so far:
1. Installed openSUSE 12.1 on a brand new server.
2. Installed LAMP with the following commands:
  yast2 -i mysql mysql-client mysql-community-server
  systemctl start mysql.service
  yast2 -i apache2
  systemctl start apache2.service
  (then i went into yast2 firewall and enabled web service)
  yast2 -i apache2-mod_php5 php5-mysql
  systemctl restart apache2.service
3. Downloaded smf_1-1-16_install.tar.gz into /srv/www/htdocs/forums/ and Uncompressed it
4. Created a database in MySQL named 'smf' and gave a new user named 'agricola' all privileges with these commands:
  Create Database smf;
  Grant All on smf.* to agricola@localhost;
  Flush Privileges;
5. Confirmed that php.ini and my server meets the correct requirements as outlined here:
6. Ran in my web browser.
  and successfully made it through all the steps achieving "Installation Sucessful"

BUT, the forum doesn't work. You cannot make any posts in the forum. You can witness this yourself by logging in as user admin with password admin at 
It says, "Your session timed out while posting. Please try to re-submit your message."
Additionally, you cannot register as a new user since it won't display the Verification Letters; and Additionally after logging in as Admin, you cannot log out.

You can see by going to

If someone has experience fixing this sort of problem, email me at and I will give you the server's root password. Then you can SSH into the server and fix the forum. If you can successfully get the forum working, then I will PayPal you $150.  You must remember and tell me the steps you used to get it from the current broken state to a fixed state because I will need to duplicate the process on another server. (You receive the reward for fixing the first server regardless of whether the second server gets fixed also.)

Ashley S:
Seems to be working for me, have you fixed this?

As it's not possible to get into the ACP, and entering Admin login details takes two tries, this link seems to be the closest match (with possible fix) to your issue, regarding database driven sessions.

It's the best I could find using "Session verification failed." in a search for a fresh installation under SMF 1.* Support.

Have a ganders.

Actually, where's your Settings.php gone? Seems to be empty. Can you reupload that file and also repair_settings.php

Get repair_settings.php


--- Quote from: Ashley S on March 21, 2012, 01:42:02 PM ---Seems to be working for me, have you fixed this?

--- End quote ---
No, it has not been fixed. When this gets fixed, I will post a message here saying this issue has been fixed.

I am surprised it works for you. I have had over 100 different users test it and it doesn't work for any of them. If it works for you, show me by making a post there. Start a new thread, or make a reply to the welcome thread.


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