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You can place it in index.template.php of the theme which you are using . Themes can be found by going to themes directory via ftp . Index.template.php file contains the main header and footer which is served in whole site so i think thats the right place for it

I have a jscript which works, but I am still having a bit of a problem getting it to work. I am trying to put it in the index.template.php but I cannot get the position of the script correct, I think I have tried it in all of the functions, the one that works best is the template_html_above() just before the </head> ( to recap the popup should only work when the user leaves the site) in this position the script works correctly when I navigate using the "home", "help","search", "login" buttons to navigate but if I pick a forum (still in my site) I get the popup. any ideas ?

Is it possible to use your js between <body></body> tags? If possible then you have to add this code in other page specific templates like login.template.php etc and remove it from index.template.php so it will not be present every where


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