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The latest member on my forum has been the same person for 3 weeks. I know it's wrong, because I have registered 3+ people since then. I am on version 2.0.2 right now. I don't know if this has been reported before, but this is the second time it has happened on my forum since I upgraded to the latest version.

Hello Ellefire,
thanks for the report.

Could you please answer as many question as possible in this list? (in particular mods)

I'm not sure what most of the questions mean. I am not coding person. I didn't find anything in the error log, so that's about all I can answer.

No problem on the technical ones, at least you should be able to answer those related to your SMF installation like:
List any Modifications you have installed
List any Themes you have installed
List any non-English Language packs you have installed
Are you using UTF-8?
Any other related information?
Any relevant errors in the SMF error log (if so please post them)?:

I just noticed the issue has been resolved, but it may be temporary like the last time. Just in case, here is the answer to your questions:

-No themes uploaded. I just adjusted the default CSS and uploaded it separately

-No other languages uploaded. Only English.

-Not sure what UTF-8 is. That goes over my head. How do I find out?

-No member-related logs, so I don't there is anything there.

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