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We are always looking for Support Specialists!

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* James_0_0_7 says sorry to JBlaze and then again gets off-topic  :P *

Where did they all go to?  I haven't been here since the new year and everything's changed

oh right oh, to the news board I go (that was not meant to rhyme)  thank you muchly arantor :)

Jacob F:
Wait a second, I have a question. Is this somewhat of a trial type program? I know I give trials for staff positions on my site. Also, are we able to apply for this? If so, I would really enjoy being on the support team, since I already have been on the support helper team for almost 3 months. I am knowledgeable with and the mods standardly installed such as EzPortal, etc. I really would enjoy working in any position within my knowledge of this software, and I do not care about money when it comes to helping people out.

No, this isn't a trial type program. This is the team telling people they're always looking for more staff - but it's never done by people requesting a position. See:

If you spend more time here, providing good quality support, you will be noticed and if sustained, offered an invite.


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