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password translation see this link


--- Quote from: sunflashx on March 21, 2007, 02:58:23 PM ---I'm trying to convert a Snitz board to SMF.  The converter is currently giving me this error:

Converting members... Unsuccessful!
This query:

    INSERT INTO `smf`.smf_members
-- procedes to list all row and all users from table

Caused the error:

    Incorrect date value: '' for column 'birthdate' at row 1

Any suggestions?

--- End quote ---
Try this file.

Thanks to everyone for their work on helping with this conversion!

I have a snitz forum with about 200,000 total posts and replies.  With the help in this thread and others, I have gotten past errors, but the process of loading the actual smf_messages is very slow.  After about 12 hours it has loaded about 25,000 records.  It seems to run in bursts, 50ish at a time, then 100ish maybe 15 seconds later.  The 2200 members loaded up right away, just takes quite a while on the messages.  I made sure the indexes were in place on the snitz tables, and I did optimize all tables before starting the convert.php. 

It appears to be working, just trying to see if there are any ideas to speed it up so I have less downtime when I do this for real (doing a mock run right now)


Seems the error is gone but now the conversion process runs for about 7 hours or so and then just stops.  The whole time CPU is at 100% utilization.

The board is medium sized, 692 Members, 133615 posts, 13098 topics.

This is the last line posted to the browser.

Converting posts (this may take some time)...

Throughout the process none of the DB files gain any significant size.

Were you able to convert?


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