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Please tell me what my forums missing!

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Ive had it for 3 days and IDK its really hard to get members. Can you tell me if im missing anything? The theme is a custom one I made. Ideas on getting more people to join?  Url:

Forums is for Programming stuff. Making a team and creating something. Releasing stuff. Everything.

Write some good articles / Tips on your niche and start submitting them to social networking websites / articles directly etc. In short give some reason for visitor to join you.
But actually best is How to build successful forum thread, there many webmaster are sharing their experience. It should definitely help you.

Content is king.
With your niche it maybe tough to provide content that can't already be found some place else.

Building a community also takes time. More time then three days. ;)

I appreciate all the feedback so far. But am I missing anything theme wise or Mod wise for my forums? thanks in advance.

Well when I go there it took me a few minutes to figure out what your forum was about.   How about a header or banner of the site?


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