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New post icons on board index when unread replies span more than one page

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Not using back button, no.  If you refresh the page, the new indicators are still 'lit.'

Think this needs to be tried by two users on seperate machines to get a true confirmation.

By the way, I wrote the steps to re-create based on using one machine just so that it would be easy for someone to reproduce it.  If I use two users on two separate machines, the issue still arises.

This is actually part of how SMF is designed. You can read all the posts in a board by way of unread/unreadreplies but until you actually enter the board or force it to be marked read, it's still considered unread.

But without redesigning how we handle storage of this (and there aren't many options if we want to keep it fast), we can't really do a lot about it.

To sum up: SMF stores the read status of individual topics and also of a board as a whole. The point of the latter is that you can drop the per-topic values if the per-topic value is lower than the board's value, to a point. It's about saving database space and performance (by having fewer rows flying around everywhere)

But you can get it into a tight spot this way, especially if you have 'return to topic after posting' whereupon you never go back to the board index...

I'm going to move this to closed because I don't see how we *can* fix it without pulling apart some of the oldest code in SMF and redesigning it, and it's far too late to be doing that for 2.1. Though I'm not even sure we can realistically change it anyway :(


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