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HowTo activate team badges

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oh ic now i know thanks

I understand this, but is there a way that I can have somebody be a moderator on a board and still display their Membergroup badge (not the moderator one)? This is quite important to us.

i think theres no other way.

but i have a suggestion if you still want that they are moderator in the forum but still show their grouped the same not as moderator you can create another group and change it to the name you want. if you have a badge then use the badge instead of the moderator badge.

Thanks, unfortunately that doesn't work. Moderators always show as moderators and that is really no use to us at all. I wish SMF would reconsider this.

If all your moderators belong to the same sub-group .. then you can edit the Moderators group so it shows the sub-group's badge.


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