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You didn't specify who the 'there' [sic] was refering to. And as you didn't mention youtube in that post, the obvious answer would be the 'somebody came to my forum complaining', ie the copyright holders.

no... you miss understood you are wrong, stop trying to be a hero. i didnt have to specify as it was all on topic about youtube videos being hosted on somebody elses website..... why the hell would i turn around and say something like

"Yes if that person who hosted a video on youtube came to my site complaining about me having it on my site"

when my reply was straight after his? who would i be talking about somebody in a different forum?

It was common sence as it was all about the same topic, nobody else miss understood it only you.

I'm not a person to care about people posting with bad grammar, but no damn wonder you're arguing on this thread. Both of you posting with such bad grammar, it's all gibberish :/ I can't follow the damn thread because everything is all mixed up.



Okay, okay. I think we're getting off the topic of YouTube here.


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