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Just quoting to be sure you've read it ;)

--- Quote from: emanuele on September 08, 2011, 03:57:51 PM ---First of all I hope you uploaded it in a folder without overwriting SMF's index.php...

--- End quote ---

As far as I can see it's enough that in the page where the software asks you to "upload" the database you put: in the box "Name" the name of the db (i.e. the name of the file) and in the box "Path" the path to your database (including the file name). You can find these two information in the file Settings.php in the root of your forum, search for the variable $db_name, you'll find a line like:

--- Code: ---$db_name = '/srv/www/htdocs/install_testing_ite/smf_607ae7be2d';
--- End code ---
the file name is:

--- Code: ---smf_607ae7be2d.db
--- End code ---

while the path is:

--- Code: ---/srv/www/htdocs/install_testing_ite/smf_607ae7be2d.db
--- End code ---
don't forget to add ".db" at the end of file name!

Once you've done this, click "save" and that's all, you should be able to see all the tables in your database...hopefully! :P

dont hope dude.. its working :D aa hell thank you .. and heaven thank you bro... lets  see what i can do .. the topic is not yet sloved...

topic solved.. since i am able to create new tables or rows... !! thank you so much

Great! :D

* emanuele is thinking to add this to a FAQ on the wiki... even if it's not exactly "frequently asked" have it there won't hurt. :P


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