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PayPal subscription on registration.

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An option to charge a one off fee at point of registration through PayPal would be great.

I know there is a subscription option to change membership permissions in version 2.0.2 but nothing for a registration fee.

Is there already a mod for this do anyone know?


I may be wrong but I don't think SMF are keen on being commercialised like that, more interested in making communities with the odd subscription to support forums running costs.

Then again, I may be completely wrong.

Shame but fair enough I suppose.

I have just been getting a lot of idiots joining my forum recently and even though I ban them as soon as I can, they come back under a different IP , email address and user name. I was hoping to charge a very small fee (£1 or so) at registration to sort the genuine people from the idiots. It would not effect previous members (over 1100) only future sign ups. I ran a poll on the forum and nearly all who took part said they would not mind paying a £1 or 2 subscription for life membership now even though they have been members for the last 3 years.

Thank you for your response, much appreciated.

Or you just set it up so that new users can only see one board, that they can't post in it and if they want to get anywhere else, they have to fill in a subscription.

Actually, having a non-recurring registration payment does sounds like a simple and intuitive addition to the entire subscription system.

of course, in the mean time, you can set it up like Arantor mentioned...
Set the regular members group to only  read (no post) your board with the "you must pay to register" announcement.
use the subscription system to charge your amount and put them into a "Confirmed Members" group that can see the rest of the forum.


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