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Block 1x1 images

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--- Quote from: K@ on April 19, 2012, 03:26:14 PM ---Oh! Sorry. I thought you meant that you'd not known about krisbarteo...
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That's why I didn't add the traditional "Who" in the list ;)

--- Quote ---A patch was released, to stop him.

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That's great, but it really isn't the only one using a technique like that.

No, obviously.

I just wondered if what was used, to patch that, couldn't be extended, perhaps, to block such things, as you requested.

As you know, I'm no coder. I just wondered. ;)

Oh, yeah, I guess that's possible :)

I also only know part of the story behind SMF's code so I guess that's up to the team then.

So we put in measures to detect such images. All the spammer has to do is detect if it's SMF making the request or not (which will be trivial to sniff the user agent) and if it is, throw a different, bigger image to it.

SMF then sees a bigger image, accepts it, and then the regular 1x1 image is served to regular users afterwards.

Can't really block it, ultimately :( Moving to declined.


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