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2.0 Update Part 4

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Well it has been a while (too long) since we've given you all an update on 2.0.

First I'd like to thank the charter members who have been providing some excellent feedback and really helping us flush out the bugs and polishing up the features.

Since the release of Beta 1 we have decided to make a change to how we do database queries.  The goal is to make the query function as injection proof as possible.  This will require rewriting not only the query function but all of the queries in SMF.  As you can imagine that is quite an undertaking.  Luckily Compuart is working on it and he thinks he can write a script to do most of the query conversions.  I unfortunately do not have a sample of the new query that I can show you at this time.  But it should remove the __FILE__, __LINE__ arguments at the end of each database query.

We've discussed a timetable and we settled on February for Beta 2.  This is for a few reasons:
1) We need time to internally test the database change and to implement it here so we can make sure there are no ill effects
2) We don't want to release it right before the MotM when a good portion of the team won't be as available to help out
3) We'd like to some to implement anything that might come up during the MotM.

Now like always:  no promises.  If we have to delay it we will.  The database changes have to be in and stable before we release Beta 2.  We feel it would be too late in the development cycle to make that change after that point.

We would like to do some quick turn around for RCs after Beta 2.  As such we are putting a feature freeze on 2.0.  But knowing us I'm sure small features will still be snuck in.  While we won't be looking to add new features to 2.0 we will of course be taking feedback on how to improve the features that are already in.

Take you all for your patience and I really hope you'll be satisfied with the wait once we actually do the release.

Ol' Wombat:
Yes, Feb is brilliant as Jan is lost to the Xmas aftermath :)

Sounds great! May I ask, is beta 2 charter member only, or public? ;) If neither, no pressure, just wondering.

Oh, and keep up the good work.  It's been great just signing up as a charter member, must say, I'm digging the new* section (And can't wait to give SMF 2.0 a demo run!).

edit: * = cm only sections

Great news for the SMF crew. Beta2 really seems like something.. When are you planning on upgrading the main site?

Will there be any change in performance with the query change?

too early to tell


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