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How's the 501(c)(3) Going?

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The IRS is currently researching the issue of 501(c)(3) for OS projects under the scientific research condition.  The word on the net is that all apps are frozen or proceeding in a glacial pace (compared to the normal process).  So right now a lot of orgs are in a holding pattern.  One option is for us to get sponsorship under a currently exempted organization but that presents its own sets of challenges (and who knows if they'll maintain their exempt status after the IRS is done researching).

None of that should be taken as an official statement from Simple Machines.  Just relying some of the information I've gathered from here and around the net.

青山 素子:
Thank you for the update.

Angelina Belle:
Simple Machines has not made an "official" announcement about this because, well, it is a waiting game.
We are kind of hopeful, but we don't really know what to expect.

In the meantime, we have to pay our taxes every year, because if we don't, we could wind up with a big tax bill after a couple more years of waiting.


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