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i know 50.0 is extreme, that usually happens when the db fails or someting is in need of repair.  i would say though lately it fluctuates between .5 to 10.0 and usually sits around 1-2.0

im going to check the mysql setting now

Query statistics: Since its startup, 1,390,080 queries have been sent to the server.
 Total      ø per hour      ø per minute      ø per second
 1,390,080      70,203.11      1,170.05      19.50

and it does have the query cached
have query cache       YES      YES

anythought on this [Unknown]?

I'm not sure.  That's not far from the number of queries we get here per second, and I know others like Ben_S and dschwab9 have lots too - but without the associated load problems.

Are you using SMTP or sendmail?  Is the box sending off a lot of notification emails?



dont think there are a lot of notifications

while i was gone i notice my eximstats failing a bunch of times. does this have to do with anything


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