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That's a nice mod :)

Does it only modify the Source files, though?


--- Quote from: ClickSafe on February 22, 2012, 04:21:17 PM ---It change the index.template.php from your templates and adds next code into it:

--- Code: --- //ClickSafe Theme Selector START
  if (file_exists($settings['default_theme_dir'].'/changetheme.php')) {require_once($settings['default_theme_dir'].'/changetheme.php');}
 //ClickSafe Theme Selector END

--- End code ---
So it usable for 99% from all existing the themes!  ;)

--- End quote ---
That's great! :)

Good luck with waiting until it's approved, I guess :P

Matthew K.:
As a personal comment, not on behalf of being a Customizer, you can't utilize require_once(); in a template, as it breaks the Model-View-Controller which SMF is built upon (MVC).

It'd be a piece of cake to accomplish this using a source edit only, maybe even hooks, although that may be more tricky than just one source edit to accomplish this.

Furthermore, do you have this hooked in with who can change their theme, the permission?

Can be this option moved to bottom of the site? :p


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