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Birthday Color in the Calendar

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On the Calendar on 2.0.2x the Birthdays turn to bold when the actual day comes around of a Members Birthday, I was wondering if it's possible to turn the Members name to a color just for the day, instead of it just turning bold? 

I've noticed in the BoardIndex.template.php there is a line of code that changes the Birthday Members name to bold <strong> </strong>  is there a way I can add a color to this rather than it just staying <strong> or bold?

--- Code: ---echo '
<a href="', $scripturl, '?action=profile;u=', $member['id'], '">', $member['is_today'] ? '<strong>' : '', $member['name'], $member['is_today'] ? '</strong>' : '', isset($member['age']) ? ' (' . $member['age'] . ')' : '', '</a>', $member['is_last'] ? '<br />' : ', ';
--- End code ---

Bump!  :'(

We had this on our 1x forum, but I guess we'll have to wait for a MOD to come out for this version.

Look at the member color link mod.


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