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This Is How I Get Visitors & Members...But How Do I Get Posters?

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Google can crawl it fine.  That's not an issue.

After seeing what your site is about(I'm a prepper), I can tell you what would help alot.

If you were to embed youtube videos into a post, people would most likely comment on it. Most preppers I know abuse youtube, because a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth 1 million words.

For example, if you posted a youtube video on how to skin a deer, or make colloidal silver, user's would most likely reply with a comment or question about the video.

NVM, after registering I seen that you already did this. I think your hiding too much from un-registered user's. The people that are registering, are not interested in posting. Usually, only 10% of your members post regularly


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