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Fixed database and locked out.

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So here is my little ditty for the day.

Last night I finally found out how to get into the database or should say remembered and the files that are there allowed me to edit all the members.   Nice little button I could just empty the whole thing.  20 minutes before the time they would shut it down.   I know ...gasp!  In my excitement I emptied my own self and my back up admin names as well.  Not to worry I went to restore and behold it did nothing.  Didn't restore anything.  Not one name or change.

Sooooo I sit up and read about getting myself out of the cold.  I created the admin page,  I accepted myself all by temp phps.  Am I in?   Nooooooo  :'(      Now the little problem is I had to stop registration due to the spammers as I straightened it out.    This problem if releasing that lock, 'registration disabled' by editing I can not find. 

So please man behind the curtain I need a brain! 

Edited to add >>>  I have a copy of install and so far haven't found the right thing to edit to get me in either.

Edited again.... I fixed it!!!  Only took about 8

Ok just in case anyone does this again.
Go to the database and select the database.

Go to member list and click SMF-Members

Click INSERT   and fill it out.

Raven does happy dance  8)

NOT... I was in for like 2 minutes and then throw me out and tells me I am not there again.   Augh!!!!!!!!

If you have a backup of your old database (you do have a backup, right?) you should be able to pull out the lines for your old accounts and insert those into any new database. The way to do this is to find the members table from the old backup and copy relevant lines for the members you want to insert. Don't copy the add/create/drop table commands, just the insert lines. Save as an sql file and import to your new db.

The only problem you might have, if the file is saved correctly, is if you have created a new db that already has a root admin with user id=1, or if your secondary account duplicates another user id or username. In that case you would have to drop those from the db before importing, but it should work.

How do I open it?   I only know how to restore which didn't work.    I will go try.  TY

You'd need a code editor to open the file. What I'd do (which may seem bamboozling but is easy enough, really) is make a new empty database and import your old backup to that. Then I'd trundle down to phpMyAdmin and export only the members table, making sure the structure options are not checked (so no add/create/drop stuff). That should make a nice, small file. Open that in your code editor (Notepad++ is good, but do not use ordinary Windows Notepad). Find the lines for the members you want and make sure you don't delete those lines. Either save them to a new SQL file, or delete the other lines you don't want, then save.

Import that to your new db and you should be good to go, bearing in mind that you should check for possible conflicts in member id first.

I did it ,but of course with godaddy I can not tell or not.  Says won't connect the server is too busy.  If this doesn't work I am just going to continue to work on the updating to 2.0 and save most of the site.  And then save the other ones as well.  Thanks for trying to help save my sanity. 


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