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Ban, delete account and all topics in one click

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There is a mod available: Quick ban on Account Delete. You could try that for now.

Web Help Forums:
Quick ban on Account delete was exactly what I was looking for!

Just installed bad behavior as well :)



--- Quote from: Illuminatus on December 31, 2011, 08:34:25 AM ---I propose a screen where you can ban, delete account and delete all posts in a single click, with no warning dialogue box coming up saying: "Oooh, are you sure?" (which gets really annoying when you're deleting several accounts per day).

--- End quote ---

OK. I KNOW this is an old link, but did you ever try the program:
X-Mouse button control   ?
You set a sequence of characters and functions to do for , let's say, the middle-button of the mouse. 123 and the program follows through to the point you want to be.
Google, download, install, learn, do.


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