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--- Quote from: Arantor on May 31, 2012, 04:38:46 PM ---Well, had you told us what the errors were, maybe we've had been able to help.

All you can really do at this point is to go to the mod's page (where you downloaded it from), and use the parse option on the right to list all the changes it made to your forum and remove it manually.

Though if it didn't uninstall properly (or install properly in the first place) I'd suspect you have much larger problems with your forum anyway.

Edit; ninja'd.

--- End quote ---

By errors I guess I should have said that the forum started working poorly once I added the gallery. Nothing showed up on the error logs. We simply installed the gallery, it said it installed but wasn't working right so we uninstalled it. When we uninstalled it, it said it was removed but it isn't.

As far as having other issues, I really don't know how. It was a new forum freshly installed the current version of SMF. It started to get busy with posts, we added the gallery and poof this stuff happens. We did not play around with changing mods and other stuff like that, it was just a few mods like the facebook like button and an articles page and thats about it.

But... you haven't said what actually went wrong. You've just said 'it wasn't working right', which doesn't help me help you fix things.

Study Force:
How do I make youtube videos posted in profiles have a custom width and length, seperate from what I programmed in the main settings?

 Hi all,
   I just downloaded and installed this mod...... and as with a lot of mods..... I get this kind of stuff across the header......

--- Quote ---// Aeva Media extra strings $txt['aeva_gallery'] = isset($txt['aeva_gallery']) ? $txt['aeva_gallery'] : 'Media'; $txt['aeva_home'] = 'Home'; $txt['aeva_unseen'] = 'Unseen'; $txt['aeva_profile_sum'] = 'Summary'; $txt['aeva_view_items'] = 'View items'; $txt['aeva_view_coms'] = 'View comments'; $txt['aeva_view_votes'] = 'View votes'; $txt['aeva_gotolink'] = 'Details'; $txt['aeva_zoom'] = 'Zoom'; $txt['permissiongroup_aeva'] = 'Aeva Media'; $txt['permissiongroup_simple_aeva'] = 'Aeva Media'; $txt['permissionname_aeva_access'] = 'Access Gallery'; $txt['permissionname_aeva_moderate'] = 'Moderate Gallery'; $txt['permissionname_aeva_manage'] = 'Administrate Gallery'; $txt['permissionname_aeva_access_unseen'] = 'Access unseen area'; $txt['permissionname_aeva_search'] = 'Search in Gallery'; $txt['permissionname_aeva_add_user_album'] = 'Add Albums'; $txt['permissionname_aeva_add_playlists'] = 'Add User Playlists'; $txt['permissionname_aeva_auto_approve_albums'] = 'Auto-approve Albums'; $txt['permissionname_aeva_moderate_own_albums'] = 'Moderate own Albums'; $txt['permissionname_aeva_viewprofile'] = 'View anyone\'s Gallery profile'; $txt['cannot_aeva_viewprofile'] = 'You cannot view Gallery profiles'; // End Aeva Media strings
--- End quote ---

 I am using the core theme of SMF..... 2.0.2

   I have tried using different BBCode mods and they all do the same thing...... maybe not the same words... but still stuff like this shows up in the header....
 On other mods as well...... it does the same........

   I am pretty new to this stuff and I don't do code.....
  I use the package manager for download and install........

  So.... what am I doing wrong and please tell me its easy to fix...... ::)

What it means is that some other mod didn't do its job problem.

Please attach your Themes/default/Modifications.english.php file here and I'll fix it.


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