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Enigma released into BETA

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Lunabyte Systems is proud to announce the newest version of their portal "Enigma" has been released into BETA.

"Enigma" follows the line of portals developed exclusively for YaBB SE that started with YaPP (thanks to Eric M.) and was followed closely by PfaBB (thanks to Michele M.).

This newest version includes new content managment features which allow for submission and review of news, articles, and links.

You can find out more about the Beta at or download it directly at SourceForge.


any changelogs since the last pfabb/yapp?

lsPortal, eh?



--- Quote from: Spaceman-Spiff on October 09, 2003, 02:39:23 AM ---any changelogs since the last pfabb/yapp?

--- End quote ---

err...  man, that is a good idea.  I'll see if I can get something together.


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