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This is not a proper theme release, this is a release of online color scheme editor. It can change color scheme of almost any SMF 2.0 theme (and themes for some other software packages).

It is a visual editor: just move sliders to change colors, click "download" button. No need to edit any files, no need to know anything about web design.

Some color variations of Curve theme for SMF 2.0 Gold (click sample image to see editor):

Curve Green:

Curve Dark Blue:

Curve Gray / Red:

Click "Download" button below color editor to download those themes.

You can create almost any color scheme, except for ones that cannot be achieved via color manipulation, such as turning white theme into black.

SMF theme designers are welcome to upload their own themes. To upload a theme, navigate to SMF 2.0 category and click "upload" button on the right. Make sure your theme has a live demo before submitting it.

Looks like a great tool enabling people with limited skills to produce a color theme to their preference, well done.

Thank you.

Its not only for users, it is also for designers. Visitors are often looking for theme that matches their website's color scheme. You can offer more color schemes of your themes to your customers, which will help you get more customers.

Great to see it for SMF too now :) I already knew about PhpBB and VB but it's really great it's for SMF too  now :)

Arrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ;D

Prediction: we will now see a plethora of mindless "Curve variants" flooding the Customize team's backlogs and making the Theme Site even more full of the things than it is now.


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