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Calendar events linked to default language?

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hmmm... generally, I am with you on the attitude of users.
In this case, though, I think you may actually be over complicating.

in the admin screen, you have an "upload" field
under that, you list instructions
"This upload will accept a text file in the format
date,"holiday name"
The date must be in the format dd/mm/yyyy and the holiday name must be inside double quotes
i.e. 24/06/2012,"My Day"
If a holiday is to be repeated every year, on the same day, use 0000 as the year.
i.e. 01/01/0000,"New Year's Day"

I rarely over estimate the intelligence of the general userbase... but I think even they could handle that. :)

and there would always be the "single entry" that already exists, if they can't handle a text file.
plus, this would allow anyone to create a "holiday list file" and distribute it (i.e. klingon holidays)

So, what happens if the holiday has " in the name?

Should people use US (m/d/y) or European (d/m/y) or Japanese (y/m/d) ordering?

Angelina Belle:
If iCalendar is used, it will be easy to find pre-made files all over the place.

Savvy users can export them from desktop apps, so the less-savvy users don't have to create them at all.

If the mod/script/action is going to be able to allow simple entry, then less-savvy users can do that too.  If they are slightly more savvy, they can use the optional export feature Kindred describes (but the size of the mod is really growing now!) to export and share with the SMF community.

There are several iCalendar classes available for php, and, reportedly, some of them are decent.


Bumping this as I have a question...

Did this every get sorted?  As I am in the UK and would love to just be able to set it so that it comes up the UK holidays.

Thanks in advance

Kriss :)

if by "sorted"n you mean - was anything ever done?   the answer is no....   you can still manually update the holidays table, but that's really the only way, at the moment


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