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Verification step is a serious usability problem

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James I completely agree. It is a huge pain. The audio is easier if that helps. It is a shame spammers are such a huge problem.

青山 素子:

--- Quote from: Kindred on April 25, 2012, 10:12:47 AM ---I use Stop Spammer and Bad Behavior + HTTP:BL
Maybe we should consider adding those here for possible inclusion in future versions (despite our usual problems with including 3rd party stuff)

--- End quote ---

The problem with those is that they catch a lot of innocent non-English users, often because their country proxies a majority of users through a small set of IPs.


--- Quote from: mashby on April 25, 2012, 12:19:06 AM ---It is indeed a bad user experience. I was attempting to register a username earlier (one I knew would fail) and spent 10 minutes determining what the heck the letters were supposed to be. What used to pester spammers is now pestering real people (like you and me). Not sure what the alternative solution is though. Verification questions aren't likely the best idea considering the language element. Once you get past 10 posts, you won't experience it any more, but I can see users getting too frustrated to get past 10. What would Brian Boitano do? :)

--- End quote ---

Honestly, given the issues mentioned with genuine users not being good at English and/or living in countries that use a small range of IP's, I think for this site we just have to accept that we're going to have to deal with a fair bit of it manually. It sucks, but there may be no alternative.

Using a difficult verification image is completely useless IMO, because these days all captchas are cracked anyway and the solutions are readily available and cheap as chips. The result of this is that regardless of how high we crank up the image difficulty, all it will do is bugger up genuine new members while doing SFA to reduce the number of bots.

Kill it. Kill it now. :)

Thanks for all the useful replies.

Maybe they can replace the current code with normal catchpa widgets (those red things you see on the web).
I am not an IT man so won't know if it will help.

Oh god ... this is going to be another 10 minutes waste of time. Luckily this one will be my 9th post.

Maybe cutting the post limit down to 5 will help some.  I cut mine to 3, but of course I also use stop spammer and httpBL, so very few ever actually get registered.


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