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The future of the yabbse community?

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Juvenall Wilson:
Yeah, it would be nice to see the old site stay open. I've put quite a bit into into reworking SE on the installs I did for myself and it would be nice to still be able to expand on that. :D

If needed, I would run it myself on one of my servers. Either way..:)

Joshua Dickerson:
why would you want to continue to support it?

If you have clients that you setup on yabbse and they don't want to pay you to upgrade them to SMF, you might occassionally need to support them.

I'm not in that boat, but I can see it happening...


The only change in requirements is that MySQL 3.23 is required... which I understand was already technically the case.

The upgrade is painless... why wouldn't people want to go ahead?

I don't plan on supporting YaBB SE after this is done... if you really want the site to stay up, maybe we can work something out... but, ...why?


We're just referring to keeping the forum up...not necessarily providing support

If you're motivated, you can find most of what you need there.  So i think it's advantageous to everyone to have it available as a reference.   Hell, I might host it if you want.

I think there are topics/discussions there that are useful regardless of what YSE/SMF version you are running.  That was my point.



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