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SMF doesn't work with PHP 4.3.10 ?

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Confirmed, will not run on php 4.3.10, just gives a blank screen, no error message.

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Well, I also upgraded from 4.3.9 to 4.3.10.  I made only a slight change to the PHP configuration, adding the --with-mysql=/mysql-path (my 4.3.9 was just using the php mysql library).  I did the usual "make" and "make install" (as root).

And reloading my forum in my browser failed.  Hmmm...

Well, it seems that apache died when I installed PHP 4.3.10.  After restarting apache, everything works perfectly now.

So in my case, PHP 4.3.10 works perfectly with SMF 1.0 preview with almost no effort at all (maybe five minutes maximum).  For what it's worth  :)

Apache was deffinatly up here, was viewing a phpinfo page.

The thread on the vB board says it's caused by an old Zend optimizer, I'm using php accelerator, so I suppose it may be thats not compatable with the changes made :'(.

Our host has just upgraded to 4.3.10 due to a serious security issue and we've lost all contact with SMF, others on our hosts support forums are complaining about IPB and b2evolution, so its not just SMF.

It looks like a php problem.

Can I see a phpinfo.php for you, then?  I might be able to pick out what's causing the problems.



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