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SMF On Google - Ouch!

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Juvenall Wilson:
Man, it's gonna be a tough pull to get SMF listed on some of the major search

Here are three search results/links from Google -

simple machines - 2,430,000

"simple machines" -  57,800

simple machines forum -  419,000

Talk about an uphill battle! :o I've done some tough SEO work for clients before, but nothing in this ball


Jeff Lewis:
We'll be fine...TRUST me ;)

Remember how you found it, typing in the url.  We will be found, I don't see that as a problem.

How many days has the site been "officially" out, and there's already over 200 members and over 1600 posts.

Three words:  "Word of Mouth"

Jeff Lewis:
I think we've been open a day now :)


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