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As previously announced we have setup a mirror network.  A big reason for doing this is so that our members can still download the packages should our site go down.  But that doesn't help if the users don't have any way of knowing where the mirrors are.  So a simple HTML file was created that has links directly to the packages on the mirrors.

You may copy the information or you can just copy the entire HTML output and place it on your site.  For this reason the page uses simple markup with no external dependencies.  You are free to change the markup and/or styling all you'd like.  Our goal is to have this information scattered throughout the internet so that if we go down the users can easily find a backup link.

As mentioned in the announcement, we are currently waiting on the second mirror to come online.  We also excluded the SMF server from the list as if it is down then linking to it won't be of much help.

We ask that if you do make a copy of the information that you update it periodically.  At the very least when new versions are released.

For those who are wondering:  The page uses the same information provided in with the exception of the language files.  We are still considering whether or not to put the language packages on the mirrors page.

The link to mirrors.php redirects me to the front page. :(

Heh sorry about that.  Forgot to take off the testing protection.

<h3> can't be inside <caption> ...

Bah, thats what I get for not validating.  I'll fix it up in a bit.


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