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I tested the new smf and i added a global moderator. From what i can see, a global moderator can make other moderators by adding them in the group. Is there a way to stop this or to specify which groups are allowed to be edited by the global moderators ?

2) can i specify what a moderator can see in the moderation panel ?

3) i also put 2 questions at the Security and Moderation > Anti-Spam, but they don't show up on the registration page. Why or where exactly will they appear ?

thanks alot

1) Under permissions -Manage and assign membergroups, but that should be not on as default.

2) To the best of my knowledge it is an all or nothing deal with access to that area.

3) It should show up on the registration page just under Type the letters shown in the picture: (if enabled) or just above the age verification check box (if enabled).


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