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I dont think its being blamed on the members in any sense. 

I can't speak for the SMF team or the Support team, but, I personally aim to share my knowledge of SMF and help people understand how to do various things with the software, not just do everything for someone.  The only way someone will be able to get past the point of just being able to install SMF is by doing it.  That is not to say that in cases that i won't assist in making a code change or similar -- because if you read my previous posts i have done such many many times in the last month and a half. 

I think the idea of support is 'support' in literal definition, point someone in the right direction, maybe point out something they may not have seen, perhaps something that i know that they may not have.  I find that generally if something is above another member's knowledge, providing examples is the best way to culture and teach these things.  If they can't understand it, then yes i will gladly provide something they can use to achieve what they need, and provide information on what i have done to achieve this.    I don't believe 'support' should be 'Do this for me' and i definitely dont think it should be 'i don't know how to do this, so do this for me so i don't have to'.  The only person gaining from doing such is me, and it may solve a situation but in the end it doesn't help the user or his site out at all. 

I think theres a point of balance there that should be maintained.

I think that makes some semblance of sense :P

i totally agree ,  but do you know how php scripts could be so intimidating for a newbie ? they don't even know where to start with this thing..   now i am ok with this or i simply give it to my php scripter.
 the fact is that when someone start by downloading SMF and install it, he never thought one minute that he might have to go play in the core of the php files to fix a problem. Then he has to post :  sorry i don't know zit about this stuff . How many peoples can fix their own OS, not many, let alone fixing a php script.
You guys can eat some  php.ini 3 times a day and enjoy it, but for many, it is just a scary thing to start to play with.  In my support forum , i also do the same thing as you do and explain the way to edit a file, and I always end up posting the whole thing after a while because half of them don't understand what I've said. some of them are 50 years old and don't want to start learning something so complicated.   I am 53 by the way  :)

I am 21 :P

I agree as well.  Many of the core files of SMF still intimidate me!  php.ini?  forget it, lol.

My point was to say that i don't believe members are in the wrong, but sometimes just need a little help, and occasionally, to see something done, or to do it themselves, is the best way for them to learn something.  Of course you do have those who just want things to work right, or a new function, or whatever the context is, but nevertheless you need to support both cases, and that is what i at least attempt to accomplish.

 Rules ? and edicate ?

Hmm I thought it was all common sense stuff.

Don't post to see your words posted ( dont speak to hear your self talk).

Do a search first before asking for support issues.

Hmm and a unwritten rule........... no whinning.

And well be nice.
Youde think that would be easy enough LOL.

But our forums we have to spell out what nice means.

OK I think I broke my own rule number one here I listed.





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