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What about the ability to configure the twitter "via" section? I mean for example:

"A REMAR!!! Juntada para remar en Kayak en el dique la quintana, SABADO 10 de mar,6637.msg103504.html#msg103504 via @Foro_de_cbabikes"

that "via @Foro_de_cbabikes"... maybe someone wants to have via @cbabikes... or #cbabikesforo... (with #, as maybe they have not an user, and wants to use just a hash tag)

EDIT: BTW2, what about the ability to configure de addthis code? so people can see they own forum analytics... it is made with a addthis code?

The via @  only works with @  and not for hastags #something

By default it is set to se the forum name but if you want to change that then just go to Sources/ShareThis.php find:

data-via="'. $this->forum_name .'"

and replace with whatever you want to appear:



--- Quote from: Suki on February 27, 2012, 04:12:14 PM ---Sources/ShareThis.php is where all the css is located.

--- End quote ---

hello to everyone
i have a question about one problem that i have
i had change the command lines and i added google+ and twiter buttons ,but i couldnt found the button  "like facebook".
where is it? where i can find it?  thanks for your support!!!

What exactly do you want to do?

you dont need to add those buttons... those buttons are there by default.

the buttons google+ and twitter are above the message , so i moved the command lines (top:+10px;) and the buttons moved little down and it looks like i want ,i couldnt found how to move the share facebook button to looked like the others....

--- Code: ---.sharethis_twitter, .sharethis_google
'. (!empty($modSettings['share_likebutton_enable']) ? '
   position: relative;
   top: +10px;
' : '') .'
--- End code ---


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